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Far West Initiates Formulation of Land Lease Procedures to Foster Agricultural Development

२०८० पुष १७, ०६:५९ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives is embarking on the development of comprehensive procedures for leasing land in the Far West region. The initiative aims to streamline the process of land management in the province, focusing on providing opportunities for landless individuals, free halia (sharecroppers), wage earners, kamalari (bonded laborers), conflict victims, displaced individuals, small farmers, and economically disadvantaged farming families interested in cultivation.

In an effort to effectively utilize unproductive arable land owned by individuals, organizations, and the government, the Ministry is working on formulating a detailed procedure. To oversee and finalize this critical process, a five-member committee was constituted in the Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture, and Cooperatives on Tuesday.

The committee, under the coordination of Land Management Division Head Dharmaraj Ojha, comprises key stakeholders. These include Legal Officer Ram Kumar Jha from the Ministry, Prakash Thapa, President of the Far West Farmers Group Nepal, Indreshwar Mandal, Project Coordinator of Li-Word, and Devi Khanal, Project Coordinator of Yak Nepal.

The establishment of this committee signifies the commitment of the Ministry to address the needs of various segments of the population and efficiently manage land resources in the Far West. The procedures, once formulated, are expected to play a pivotal role in promoting agricultural development, empowering local communities, and fostering economic sustainability in the region.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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