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Inauguration of Crucial Sandani River Concrete Bridge Links Kanchanpur to Dadeldhura at 32.61 Crore

२०८० पुष ३, ०७:१३ Dineshkhabar Desk

Kanchanpur: A pivotal milestone has been achieved with the recent inauguration of the concrete bridge over the Sandani River, connecting Brahmadev in Kanchanpur to Parashuram in Dadeldhura along the Mahakali Corridor. The long-anticipated connectivity between Kanchanpur and Dadeldhura, impeded by the prolonged challenge of tree cutting, has been successfully addressed through this infrastructure development.

The construction of the 250-meter bridge, a project amounting to 32.61 crore, was initiated by the joint venture of Lumbini-Kumar-Rajendra. Kishor Raj Pandey, the engineer overseeing the project, revealed that the bridge's construction spanned a period of 42 months and was executed under the purview of the Mahakali Bridge Planning Office, given its strategic location within the Mahakali Corridor.

Notably, the newly constructed bridge has not only facilitated the passage of citizens from the inner Madhes region but has also led to the commencement of traffic flow along the corridor track. To complement the bridge, a 500-meter access road and a 900-meter embankment on both sides of the river have been developed, enhancing overall connectivity.

Remarkably, the construction company has asserted its accomplishment of completing the bridge eight months ahead of the stipulated schedule, delivering the project to the bridge planning office. Kishor Raj Pandey highlighted, "As per the contract terms, if the government project concludes 200 days earlier than the designated timeframe, an incentive is to be granted. Accordingly, we have duly submitted a claim for the bonus."

Dineshkhabar Desk

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