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Blaze Ravages Baitadi Residence, Incurs Losses Exceeding 4 Lakhs

२०८० मंसिर २८, ०६:५८ Dineshkhabar Desk

Baitadi: Tragedy struck in Baitadi as a formidable fire engulfed the residence of Jayanthi Pant in Binoda, Patan Municipality-2 of the district. The conflagration resulted in substantial material losses, estimated to surpass Rs. 4 lakhs.

The inferno, which ignited within the confines of Jayanthi Pant's dwelling, consumed valuable possessions including food, clothing, furniture, gold ornaments, and a sum of cash totaling Rs. 20,000. Authorities on the scene have reported that a comprehensive investigation is currently underway to ascertain the origins and circumstances surrounding the destructive fire.

Our hearts go out to Jayanthi Pant and her family as they navigate through this challenging period, grappling with the aftermath of the devastating house fire. Further updates on the investigation will be provided as details emerge.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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