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Illegal Pharmacies in Kailali Face Stern Action: 6 Establishments Under Scrutiny

२०८० मंसिर २४, ०४:३९ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: In a recent monitoring initiative, it has come to light that several drug shops operating in Kailali are operating illegally, prompting authorities to take decisive action against six pharmacies and clinics in the district.

A dedicated team from the Drug Administration Department conducted thorough inspections, leading to the identification and subsequent action against six establishments. The team, active from November 17th to the present, took measures against pharmacies situated across various locations in Kailali.

Dipendra Kumar Shah from Nepalgunj revealed that the actions were initiated against six pharmacies for operating without proper registration, engaging unqualified personnel, and selling allopathic medicines that are registered under homeopathy, among other violations. Notably, legal proceedings have been instituted against Khaireni Tapas Laskar in Bardagoria-3 of Kailali. Furthermore, Manshri Ayurveda in Gauriganga Municipality-1 and Srivastak Medical, along with Sriji Surgical Suppliers in Attaria, have been sealed.

Additionally, Bhairav Clinic CM and JC Homeo Medical Hall, both located in Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city-7, faced intervention after it was discovered that allopathic medicines were being sold and distributed without proper authorization. In response, all medicines from these establishments were confiscated, and investigations have been initiated. Shah emphasized that those under surveillance have been duly instructed to cooperate with the Drug Administration Department.

Earlier instances of non-compliance resulted in the sealing of two medical centers in the Dhangadhi market. JP Clinic in Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan City-7 and SR Para Clinic in the same ward were found to be operating without proper registration and selling non-prescribed medicines, leading to their closure. Inspector Shah, Pharmacy Officer of the Drug Administration Department in Nepalgunj, affirmed that these actions aim to uphold regulatory standards and ensure public safety.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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