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Arrests Made in Kanchanpur Tree Felling Case: President and Teacher of Trade Association Detained

२०८० कार्तिक १, ०६:२३ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: In an ongoing case related to tree felling in Kanchanpur, two more individuals have been apprehended. Previously, Bhojraj Chaudhary, the ward president of Belauri Municipality-6, who was detained on charges of tree felling, had been released on bail after appearing in court. Chaudhary's arrest pertained to allegations of tree cutting while clearing the premises of the Choti Customs Office.

Ward president Chaudhary was taken into custody by the Division Forest Office in Kanchanpur from Mahendranagar. Although Chaudhary had been released on bail, the case remained active.

However, today, two more arrests have been made in connection with the same incident. Hirasih Bista, the President of the Belauri Industry and Commerce Association, and former teacher Keshavraj Joshi were apprehended, according to the Kanchanpur Forest Office. Both individuals are accused of cutting down trees within the government office complex during a cleaning operation.

The initial arrest of ward president Chaudhary occurred following a complaint that was filed against him and other ward officials. Bhimprashad Kandel, the head of the Division Forest Office in Kanchanpur, mentioned that Chaudhary was released on bail following the decision of the Public Prosecutor's Office.

While Chaudhary has been granted bail, the legal proceedings in the case are ongoing. Chief Kandel clarified that Chaudhary had been arrested for unauthorized tree cutting during the cleaning of the flagpoles area under the leadership of the ward, which took place on July 13th, involving the Belauri Choti Customs, a federal government establishment.

The forest department took control of the trees and firewood felled in the customs area. The Customs Office, displeased by the tree cutting within the premises of the Belauri Choti Customs Office under the Kailali Customs Office, had officially requested the forest department to take action against those responsible.

To further investigate the tree felling incident under the guise of cleaning the Belauri Choti Customs Office premises, the Pachkadia Sub-Division Forest Office, Kunda, has made two more arrests. The arrested individuals include Hirasih Bista, President of the Belauri Industry and Commerce Association, and Keshavraj Joshi, a former teacher. Legal proceedings are being initiated against both of them.

According to the forest office, another individual, Madan Singh Bohara, is currently evading arrest. Dinesh Kumar Yadav, the Head of the Pachkadia Sub-Division Forest Office, has been entrusted with investigating the tree-related matter. A case has been filed against all five individuals for the unauthorized cutting of tree saplings, and the forest office has indicated that further discussions on the matter will occur.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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