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Far West Region Grapples with 2.5 Crores in Losses, Tragically Claims 12 Lives, Including 8 Women

२०८० असोज २८, ०६:३० Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: The Far West region of Nepal has been struck by a series of calamities, resulting in an estimated loss of 2.5 crores. These incidents have had dire consequences, with 12 individuals losing their lives from various natural disasters between July 17th and October 12th of the current fiscal year.

Among the casualties, eight women and four men have tragically perished due to different calamities. The men's deaths resulted from a landslide, a flood, a snakebite, and a drowning incident. In contrast, the eight women lost their lives due to landslides, lightning strikes, animal attacks, earthquakes, and snakebites.

As per the data compiled by the Sudurpaschim Province Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) in Dhangadhi, these disasters have left 63 men and 35 women injured. The impact of these calamities has reached 3,713 families within the province. Furthermore, the PEOC data indicates that 645 houses suffered partial damage, while 92 houses were completely destroyed.

The adverse effects of the disasters also extended to livestock, with 69 livestock sheds being damaged and 11 rendered unusable. The financial losses are substantial, with an estimated 130,000 rupees in damages due to animal-related incidents in the first three months of the current fiscal year, along with 20 crores, 19 lakhs, 66 thousand, 450 rupees resulting from fires. Additionally, the damage caused by heavy rains is estimated to be in the range of 96 thousand to 2 crores, 49 lakhs, 36 thousand, 450 rupees.

Despite significant investments in disaster management at the federal, state, and local levels, the Far West region continues to face these annual challenges due to inadequate preparedness and response. The victims of such disasters find it difficult to access relief and assistance, emphasizing the urgent need for more effective disaster management strategies in the province.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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