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Rampant Misuse of Government Vehicles in Kailali Leads to Impounding of 8 Vehicles

२०८० असोज २०, ०६:४६ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: In Kailali, there is a concerning trend of government vehicles being misused for purposes unrelated to official duties. Government officials and public representatives have increasingly been utilizing customized government vehicles for personal errands, excursions, and various private endeavors. Surprisingly, no regulatory measures have been put in place to curb this misuse.

On a recent Saturday, traffic police in Kailali took action by impounding a total of 8 government vehicles from different locations within the district. The misuse of government vehicles has caused consternation among locals who witness these vehicles being employed for non-official tasks. Some government employees also express frustration, stating that they often lack access to these resources even for legitimate government functions.

An employee shared, "Even when we have essential government tasks, we sometimes struggle to secure the use of government vehicles. Paradoxically, we observe some individuals using these vehicles for their personal convenience, including trips to visit relatives."

This situation has left the public disheartened, as the misuse of government resources has become commonplace. Notably, government regulations stipulate that government vehicles are not authorized for use on public holidays and Saturdays, unless specifically permitted. The government had previously intensified efforts to minimize public expenditure by tightening the control over government vehicle operations. The existing provision mandates obtaining permission from the administration office to utilize government vehicles on public holidays.

Regrettably, government officials and employees themselves are found to be in violation of the rule that restricts government vehicle operation to Saturdays exclusively for official purposes. While action was taken to impound eight government vehicles in Kailali, this issue underscores the need for more stringent oversight and adherence to existing regulations.

In a notable development, the Revolutionary Youth Organization Nepal in Kailali assumed control of vehicles belonging to the Achham District Water Supply Office and the Pahalmanpur Division Ban Office. These vehicles were subsequently handed over to the Area Police Office Kailali. The Kailali District Traffic Police Office confirmed that a total of eight government vehicles were seized from various locations across the district. Efforts to address this issue and ensure the responsible use of government vehicles continue.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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