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Nepali Congress Takes Disciplinary Measures Against Lokraj Pandey 'Aago' and Surat Bahadur Karki

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Dhangadhi: The Nepali Congress in Kailali district has made the decision to take disciplinary action against two prominent youth leaders, Lokraj Pandey 'Aago' and Surat Bahadur Karki. The move comes in response to alleged misconduct and statements that were perceived to be detrimental to the party's integrity.

Lokraj Pandey 'Aago,' a fervent youth leader, has been advocating for the concerns surrounding an ongoing health school construction project in Geta, Kailali. However, his outspoken criticism against the party leadership has resulted in his expulsion from the Nepali Congress. Aago, who holds roles such as district member, regional representative, and has served in various capacities within the Labor Department, has also been associated with Darun Dal, a sister organization of the party. The District Working Committee formally communicated the decision to him via a letter, citing his public expressions of dissent against the party's interests, especially while holding a significant official position.

The disciplinary measure taken against Aago stems from his alleged actions to publicly defame party leaders and workers entrusted with the party's affairs. These allegations include statements made on social media platforms. Consequently, he has been suspended from the party as a consequence of his actions.

Likewise, a similar course of action was applied to Surat Bahadur Karki, who holds the role of regional representative for Region No. 4. This decision, however, has faced dissent from some party members. Bhim Baduwal, Vice President of Congress Kailali, expressed disagreement with the disciplinary actions taken against Karki. He took to Facebook to voice his reservations, stating that the decision lacked consultation with the District Working Committee, Performance Committee, and other relevant officials. Baduwal asserted that a decision made without proper consultation, substantiation, evidence, and factual basis cannot be regarded as a legitimate party decision.

In response to the ongoing debate, the office of the Nepali Congress Provincial Working Committee in Dhangadhi issued a statement today, asserting that both Pandey and Karki have been exonerated from the disciplinary actions previously announced. The statement underscores the party's dedication to internal accountability and decision-making processes while striving to maintain unity and transparency within its ranks.

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