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Dry Spell Ends as Blocked Mahendranagar-Gaddachowki Highway Reopens

२०८० साउन ३२, ०७:११ Dineshkhabar Desk

Kanchanpur: After an unfortunate incident that led to the temporary blockage of the Mahendranagar-Gaddachowki section of the east-west highway, the route has now been reopened.

The disruption in transportation occurred following a tragic incident on Wednesday, where 40-year-old Dinesh Od from Bhimdatta Municipality-10 Pashupati Toll lost his life due to electrocution caused by a misplaced Dishome fibernet wire along the highway. In response to this unfortunate event, the family of the deceased, hailing from Bhimdatta Municipality-5 Sukasal, initiated the highway blockade on Thursday morning.

Krishna Sunar, a relative of the late Dinesh Od, shared that the road obstruction has been temporarily lifted, driven by a sense of optimism surrounding compensation discussions. Representatives from the affected parties are currently engaged in constructive conversations at the district administration office.

The grieving family has expressed their concerns and requirements, seeking a compensation of Rs 30 lakhs for the deceased's family and the provision of employment for one individual. The district administration office is actively facilitating dialogue between Dishome and the Electricity Authority to address these demands. Both Dishome and Vidyut are in deliberation at their higher organizational levels, and officials at the district administration office have conveyed a positive outlook regarding these negotiations.

The unfortunate incident, wherein the Dishome optical fiber came into contact with an electricity transmission line, resulting in its fall and the subsequent fatal injury to Mr. Od, has highlighted the need for safety measures and preventive actions. The authorities are committed to resolving this matter in a fair and just manner, and further updates will follow as the discussions progress.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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