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Search Underway for Woman Swept Away by River Current in Bajura

२०८० साउन २९, ०७:४३ Dineshkhabar Desk

Bajura: A distressing incident unfolded in Bajura as a woman has been reported missing, having been swept away by the forceful currents of a river.

The incident transpired in the vicinity of Muktikot within the district. Identified as GuWa B.k, a 65-year-old resident and spouse of Prasane Bik hailing from Swamikartikkhapar Rural Municipality-1 in Muktikot, the woman's whereabouts became unknown during the afternoon hours of Monday, according to local law enforcement.

Preliminary reports from the police suggest that GuWa was en route home from Kolti when tragedy struck. While attempting to cross the Rodi River at the same location, she was overcome by the strong river currents, leading to her disappearance. A collaborative effort between the Juddi police station and the temporary police post at Muktikot has been launched, with active involvement from the local community, in a determined search for the missing elderly woman.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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