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Municipal Mayor Leads Efforts with Bulldozer to Address Illegal Constructions in Kanchanpur

२०८० साउन २६, ०६:०५ Dineshkhabar Desk

Kanchanpur: A proactive approach was witnessed in Kanchanpur as the Mayor of Shuklaphanta Municipality took direct action to address a pressing issue.

Mayor Ran Bahadur Mahara personally spearheaded an initiative to manage sewage in the Kaluwapur market, situated at number 11 within the municipality. Accompanied by a team of dedicated individuals, Mayor Mahara utilized a bulldozer to commence sewage management activities on Thursday. The endeavor also encompassed the removal of unauthorized structures encroaching upon the road area on both sides.

Despite the initial construction of the road by the Infrastructure Development Office in Kanchanpur, the Kaluwapur market faced recurrent flooding due to inadequate drainage provisions. In response to this challenge, Mayor Mahara elaborated, "We are presently constructing temporary drains along the road's perimeter and simultaneously addressing the issue of structures obstructing the thoroughfare. However, for a sustainable resolution, the Infrastructure Development Office will undertake the construction of a comprehensive drainage system."

An in-depth deliberation on sewage management transpired last Sunday, involving various stakeholders, at the District Administration Office in Kanchanpur. Subsequent decisions emerged from this discussion, mandating the road division office to mark boundaries, the infrastructure development office to oversee drainage construction, the electricity office to relocate poles, and the municipality to facilitate the clearing of the road area. In light of the road and infrastructure development office's limited involvement, the municipality has embarked on the construction of temporary drainage channels to address the immediate concern. Mayor Mahara was joined in this endeavor by Deputy Chief Kalpana Joshi Pant, Ward Chairpersons, the Chief Administrative Officer, an accomplished team of Engineers, and the utilization of a JCB at the Kaluwapur Bazar location.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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