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New Citizenship Act Grants Citizenship to 30 Women in Kailali - How Many Men?

२०८० साउन २३, ०५:५३ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: The implementation of the new Citizenship Act has led to the issuance of citizenship to 30 women in Kailali. As per the provisions of the updated Citizenship Act, a total of 89 new citizenships have been distributed in Kailali as of Tuesday. Following the clearance from the Supreme Court for the enactment of the Citizenship Bill, which was approved by the President on June 7 (Jestha 24), the distribution of citizenship has commenced in alignment with the new legal framework.

In adherence to the revised law, a sum of 89 individuals in Kailali have acquired Nepali citizenship. The updated Citizenship Act focuses particularly on providing citizenship to individuals born to Nepali citizens by birth and those born to Nepali mothers whose fathers' identities have not been disclosed.

The District Administration Office in Kailali reports that out of the total, two women from Sukhad, 8 women, and 27 men from Tikapur, and 20 women along with 32 men from Dhangadhi have successfully secured citizenship under the new Citizenship Act. Shivraj Joshi, Information Officer at the District Administration Office, Kailali, has confirmed these figures.

President Ramchandra Paudel officially endorsed the Citizenship Bill on May 17 (Jestha 13th), with immediate initiation of citizenship distribution following its publication in the official gazette. The updated Act, in line with the Constitution of Nepal 2072 BS, now permits children of Nepali citizens by birth and children born to Nepali mothers whose fathers remain unidentified to obtain citizenship based on their lineage.

Previously, children born to mothers who hadn't disclosed the father's identity faced barriers in obtaining citizenship. The revised Citizenship Act has effectively expanded the pathway for non-resident individuals to acquire Nepali citizenship.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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