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Eight Arrested in Army Job Scam; Perpetrators Exposed by Nepali Police

२०८० साउन १७, ०७:१९ Dineshkhabar Desk

Darchula: The police have apprehended eight individuals involved in a fraudulent scheme, deceiving innocent people with false promises of securing jobs in the Nepali Army.

The arrests were made after an investigation into multiple cases of deception reported by seven victims at various times. The suspects detained are identified as 27-year-old Narendrasinh Mahar and 21-year-old Ishwar Mahar from Mahakali Municipality-3 Baj, 44-year-old Bishansingh Nagal, 27-year-old Ramesh Singh Mahar, 30-year-old Devsingh Mahar, and 38-year-old Rukumsingh Mahar, as well as 51-year-old Shyam Singh Dhami from Malikarjun Rural Municipality-3 in Kailali, and 34-year-old Shankar Bhool from Godavari Municipality-3 Kalikatol.

According to the Darchula police chief DSP Tarkaraj Pandey, the arrested individuals are accused of swindling a total of NPR 14,95,000 from seven victims, including Shyam Singh Dhami from Malikarjun Rural Municipality-3. Investigations have revealed that Narendrasinh Mahar falsely claimed to be employed at Devidal Gana Attaria in the Nepali Army, luring victims into believing he could facilitate their recruitment into the military. Notably, the victims were not required to complete any official application forms.

The police investigation further exposed that the perpetrators had duped people by promising assistance in securing positions within the army even if they had previously evaded military training. The funds extorted were traced to the arrested individuals' bank accounts through electronic service transactions. The accused allegedly collected amounts ranging from NPR 50,000 to NPR 3,10,000 from various victims. Presently, they are under investigation for their involvement in the fraudulent activities.

The arrests followed a complaint lodged by Shyamsingh Dhami of Malikarjun Rural Municipality-3, who revealed that the perpetrators systematically extorted money from individuals by deceitfully assuring them of army job placements.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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