सुदूर नेपाललाई विश्वसँग जोड्दै

Position and oath by the newly elected officers of Attaria Industry and Commerce Association

२०८० असार २८, ०५:३८ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: The recently elected officials of Attariya Udyog Chamber of Commerce, Kailali, have officially assumed their positions and taken the oath of office and confidentiality.

On Thursday, they were administered the oath by Chief Election Officer Bir Bahadur Jethara. Kalyan Singh Bohara emerged victorious as the President of the association in the election held on July 8th. Additionally, Dal Bahadur Khadka, Faguram Chaudhary, and Chetraj Pant secured the positions of Vice-President.

Furthermore, Shankar Bahadur Khadka has been elected as the General Secretary, while Hemraj Bhandari assumes the role of Treasurer and Dilip Kumar Saund as the Secretary. The elected members include Ramesh Bhatrai, Bam Bahadur Bogti, Gyanendra Khadka, and Balkrishna Ojha.

The Attariya Industry Chamber of Commerce has placed its trust in these newly elected officials to lead and represent the organization effectively. With their collective experience and commitment, the elected office bearers are expected to contribute significantly to the growth and development of the business community in the region.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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