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India opens the gate of Dholula Dhauliganga Dam, CDO of Darchula urges people to remain vigilant

फाईल फोटो
फाईल फोटो
२०७८ जेठ ७, ०५:५४ खबर संवाददाता

Darchula: The dam of the Dhauliganga Hydropower Project in Dharchula, India, which borders Darchula, is to be opened.

The hydropower project has opened the door to empty the dam as the amount of water in the river has increased due to continuous rains.

The District Administration Office, Darchula, issued a notice on Thursday urging to be vigilant as the hydropower project will open the dam.

Chief District Officer of Darchula Siddharaj Joshi has informed that the residents of Byans Rural Municipality-5 from Dhaulakot to Lali of Lekam Gaonpalika have been asked to take precaution as the water level in the Mahakali River could rise at any time.

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