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Shortage of medicines in Far-West

२०७८ वैशाख २६, ०४:१८

Dhangadhi: Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic there is an acute shortage of essential medicines in the Far-Western states. Due to the delay in the supply of medicines, there has been a problem in getting medicines while the demand is high.

While, the Coronavirus is taking many lives away, there is a shortage of essential medicines in the Far-Western states. Although a budget of 10 crore was allocated for the purchase of medicines for the current fiscal year, only 1 crore 50 lakh has been spent in the purchase of medicines which has created a shortage, officials said.

The Far-Western Provincial Health Supply Management Center has said that it has signed a contract for the purchase of 26 different types of medicines including Setamol worth 30 lakh.

According to Padam Bista, Deputy Chief of the Center, there will be a shortage of Setamol throughout the year as we currently require Setamol worth 3 crore while the agreement has been signed 30 lakh due to shortage of supply.

It is said that there is a problem in the treatment of the patients as there is acute shortage of oxygen and medicines in the hospitals. While public and private hospitals are overflowing with patients with the virus, there is a shortage of medicines including citamole, metro nidazole and iodine.

However, the supply management center does not have enough medicine to save the patients.

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