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COVID-19 vaccinated people less likely to die of Coronavirus

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Dhangadhi : The coronavirus vaccine protects against infection.

Officials say most patients who have not been vaccinated but have been hospitalized with the Coronavirus are in a critical condition.

Experts said that the risk is very low for patients who have received the vaccination services beforehand. Vaccination against Coronavirus in Nepal is recommended for all age groups above 18 years.

Experts say there is no alternative to the Coronavirus vaccine, but in the far-western region of about 2.8 million, only 30,000 people have been vaccinated in the second phase. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that those who recover from Coronavirus may need to be vaccinated again.

Although some people who have been vaccinated have coronary infections, they are less likely to get serious, officials said. Vaccinated patients have a very low risk of exposure, at 0.2 percent. "No vaccine is 100% effective, but the vaccine against the Coronavirus is very effective," said Dr. Sher Bahadur Pun, a communicable disease specialist.

Although some people who have been vaccinated have been infected with the Coronavirus, they are advised to avoid crowds, use masks, keep a distance of 2 meters from another person, and follow safety precautions, such as washing their hands with soap and water from time to time. However, in a situation where a large population is being deprived of immunization services, it is necessary to continue the vaccination campaign and give it to every citizen above 18 years of age.

Dr. Pradip Mishra, president of the Nepal Medical Association Far-Western Region, said that there was no alternative other than getting vaccinated to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. The vaccine, developed by the world-renowned Oxford University and AstraZeneca through extensive scientific research, is recommended for emergency use by the World Health Organization. Nepal received a grant of Rs 1 million from India for covishield.

In Far-West, which has a population of about 2.8 million, only 200,000 people were vaccinated in the initial phase and 30,000 in the second phase. Spokesperson at the Ministry of Social Development Narendra Singh Karki said that a large number of people in the far-western states are deprived of vaccination services due to the federal government's failure to provide them. "As the federal government is responsible for vaccine management, we can't do anything," he said.

 With thousands of  people getting infected daily, hospitals are in dire need of beds and oxygen. A long time has passed since the vaccine grant was received however, the government has failed  to provide with enough supply.

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