सुदूर नेपाललाई विश्वसँग जोड्दै

२०७८ वैशाख , आइतवार ०१:४८
Apr 18 2021, Sunday
01:48:39 AM

Dhangadhi continues to be the most polluted city in Nepal

२०७७ चैत्र २५ ०६:०५

Dhangadhi: Dhangadhi has been ranked as the most polluted city in Nepal.

According to the Environment Department, the highest air pollution is in Dhangadhi according to the Tuesday morning report. According to the Air Quality Index (AQI), the AQI of Dhangadhi had reached 250 this morning.

However, now Dhangadhi's AQI has dropped to 180. Similarly, Kathmandu's AQI has reached 196. AQI up to 50 is considered unpolluted, 50 to 100 are considered decent while, AQI 150 is unhealthy for sensitive groups and 200 is unhealthy for everyone.

While, AQI 300 is risky and crossing AQI 300 is fatal. Air pollution has increased across the country due to the lack of rainfall.

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