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516 complaints registered on Namaste Mayor

२०८१ जेठ ६, ०१:२० Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: The number of complaints filed in Namaste Mayor has increased in Dhangadhi, the only sub-metropolitan city of Far Western Province.

Five hundred and sixteen complaints have been registered on Namaste Mayor. "Namaste Mayor" has seen the highest number of complaints made by men. Out of the total registered complaints, 199 complaints have been resolved. According to the Deputy Metropolitan Municipality, 251 complaints are in the process of being resolved.

While 63 women have registered their complaints in 'Namaste Mayor', the number of men is double that is 162 men have registered their complaints. So far, one complaint related to noise pollution, 21 related to environment, 15 related to education and 46 related to roads have been registered in 'Namaste Mayor'.

Similarly, four complaints related to public transport, 10 related to drinking water, one related to public property and 14 related to electricity have been registered in 'Namaste Mayor'. Likewise, 8 suggestions have also been given to the sub-metropolitan city.

3 complaints related to public construction, 2 related to peace and security, 7 related to consumer interest protection, 1 related to river construction materials, 11 related to waste management, 3 related to health and 5 related to street lights have been registered in 'Namaste Mayor'. Similarly, one related to flooding, two related to drugs, 8 unclear complaints, 6 complaints were dismissed, one related to administrative, three others, 4 related to agriculture and 1 dispute have been registered.

5 complaints related to demand for information and 9 complaints related to employment have been registered in "Namaste Mayor" Dhangadhi. The sub-metropolitan municipality has launched an app called 'Namaste Mayor' with the aim of receiving complaints and trying to solve them.'

Dineshkhabar Desk

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