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Tragic Car Accident Claims Lives of Seven Nepalis in Nainital, India

२०८० चैत्र २७, ०५:३२ Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: A devastating car accident in Nainital, India, has resulted in the loss of seven Nepali lives. The incident occurred in Nainital district, where a total of eight individuals, including seven Nepalis, tragically lost their lives.

The deceased Nepali nationals have been identified as Vishram Chaudhary (50), Dhiraj (45), Anantram Chaudhary (40), Vinod Chaudhary (38), Udayaram Chaudhary (55), Tilak Chaudhary (45), and Gopal Basnet (60).

According to reports from Indian media outlets, the vehicle veered off the road near Betalghat in Nainital, plunging 150 meters down the slope on Monday night. Following the accident, a team from the State Disaster Response Team (SDRF) promptly arrived at the scene to initiate rescue operations.

Working in conjunction with local residents, the SDRF team successfully extricated the bodies of all eight victims from the accident site. It has been disclosed that the seven deceased Nepali nationals hailed from Mahendranagar.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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