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Tension Escalates Between Mayor and Ward Chairman Over Mahakali River Royalty Collection in Dhangadhi

२०८० मंसिर २९, ०६:१० Dineshkhabar Desk

Dhangadhi: A contentious dispute has emerged between the Mayor and the Ward Chairman of Bhimdatta Municipality, centering around the collection of royalties from the Mahakali River in Kanchanpur.

The disagreement flared on the inaugural day of the delayed Mahakali River royalty collection, sparking tensions between Mayor Padam Bogti and Ward Chairman Prakash Thapa. The issue at hand pertains to the extraction of river materials, with restrictions allowing only tractors, and not larger vehicles, to access the river from Bhujelaghat.

Originally scheduled to open on October 1st, the Mahakali Ghat finally opened its doors on November 27th, leading to a clash of perspectives between the two prominent figures of Bhimdatta Municipality. Upon Thapa's insistence on delineating excavation zones, securing approval from the District Coordination Committee, and prohibiting large vehicles, Mayor Bogti expressed discontent.

Ward Chairman Thapa emphasized the importance of adhering to standards, proposing the involvement of a technical team for demarcation. This suggestion caused a stir, leading Mayor Bogti to appeal for cooperation, highlighting the municipality's progress despite the delayed Mahakali River contract.

The discord adds to the history of legal issues surrounding Mahakali River royalty collection, with cases filed in the past two fiscal years against former representatives and employees for irregularities. In the previous fiscal year 2078/79, Bhimdatta Municipality inked a contract with Amadi and Dodhara-Chandni Municipality, agreeing to distribute royalties at 56% and 46%, respectively. The current year sees Tiger Sagarmatha JV Kathmandu securing the royalty collection contract for 7.77 crores, inclusive of VAT.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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