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Police in Baitadi Launch Operation to Eradicate Marijuana Cultivation

२०८० असोज १२, ०९:१५ Dineshkhabar Desk

Baitadi: The law enforcement authorities in Baitadi have initiated a robust campaign aimed at curbing the cultivation of marijuana, a substance known for its illicit usage. Police Inspector Yogesh Khatri, serving as the spokesperson for the District Police Office in Baitadi, has officially announced the commencement of a comprehensive drive against drug-related activities in the region. This initiative involves the eradication of cannabis cultivation throughout the district.

Various locations within the district have witnessed the growth of cannabis plants, with some being intentionally planted by local individuals. In response, the law enforcement agencies have undertaken a concerted effort to uproot and destroy these illicit crops. Deputy Superintendent of Police Deepak Giri, the head of the District Police Office, emphasized that the "Ganja Fadani" campaign was launched due to the classification of marijuana as a controlled substance. He stated, "We have observed a recent surge in the number of drug users, and we are committed to addressing this issue."

Deputy Superintendent of Police Giri elaborated on the objectives of the campaign, focusing on the eradication of cannabis cultivation. He added, "The Ganja destruction campaign is being executed by all police units under our jurisdiction." According to Police Inspector Khatri, the initiative has already resulted in the destruction of nearly 100 cannabis plants within the district.

The campaign has targeted various sources of marijuana, encompassing both man-made cultivation sites and locally grown cannabis. As part of this extensive operation against drugs, the Baitadi police have also established a drug control network at the ward level, with active support from the local community.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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