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Assault Allegation Surfaces: Inmate Subash Bhatta of Godavari Reportedly Attacked within Kanchanpur Detention Facility

२०८० साउन २९, ०७:४० Dineshkhabar Desk

Kanchanpur: A wave of controversy has erupted following allegations of physical assault on inmates within the confines of Kanchanpur jail.

Relatives of Subash Bhatta, a resident of Godavari Municipality-5 in Kailali and an inmate serving his sentence, converged on the Kanchanpur jail premises on Monday, asserting that he had endured a beating while incarcerated. The family members have raised serious accusations, contending that Bhatta suffered severe physical mistreatment while confined.

Furthermore, the relatives have leveled additional accusations against the jail staff, alleging that both custodial personnel and guards have been engaging in extortion activities targeting the inmates. Expressing their discontentment, Bhatta's family decried the denial of their right to meet with him. As tensions escalated and the gathering swelled within the prison compound, law enforcement intervened using force to disperse the crowd.

Subash Bhatta, a resident of Geta, has been serving a 7-month sentence in connection with a drug-related case. This is not the first time he has faced incarceration due to drug-related charges. Maya Basnet Thapa, the jailer at Kanchanpur Jail, refuted claims of Subash Bhatta being subjected to physical assault. She stated that he had recently met with his relatives on Sunday and did not assert any grievances related to reassignment within the facility.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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