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Armed Police Swiftly Rescue Four Individuals Trapped in Kanchanpur River

२०८० साउन २३, ०५:४२ Dineshkhabar Desk

Kanchanpur: A prompt and effective response from the Armed Police Force has resulted in the successful rescue of four individuals who found themselves trapped amidst rising river waters in Kanchanpur.

The timely intervention of the Armed Police Force No. 35 Shaileshwari Gana led to the successful extrication of two women from Shuklaphanta and Krishnapur. The recent surge in water levels in rivers and streams posed a significant risk to the safety of local residents. Nirmala Bhandari (40) and Gomti Saud (35) from Shuklaphanta Municipality-7 were trapped along the banks of the Syali River during the previous night. Their harrowing ordeal was brought to an end as they were safely rescued.

Similarly, Tara Bhul (33) and Sita Bhul, residents of Krishnapur Municipality-1 Pahria, were also in a perilous situation, trapped by the swelling waters of the Odal River. The expertise and agility of the armed police allowed for their timely and secure rescue.

The incident unfolded when Gomti Saud, a laborer who had been engaged in grass-cutting activities, was on her way back home, only to find her path obstructed by the sudden rise of the Syali River. A team led by Ganapati Prem Bahadur Rawal from Armed Police Force No. 35 Gana Shaileshwar demonstrated exceptional proficiency in carrying out the operation, ensuring the safe retrieval of those caught in the dangerous predicament.

Dineshkhabar Desk

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